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RKMP Mobile Apps

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RKMP in collaboration with C-DAC Hyderabad is developing a series of mobile apps for the benefit of Indian Extension Professionals and Farmers. While the efforts are going on for developing mobile apps in local languages (like diagnostics, crop manager, fertimeter and ricecheck app), here are some of the ready to use apps. 

S.No Name Description Download Link
1 Rice Vocs App A ready reckoner for extension professional Get it on Google Play
2 Rice Crop FAQs Compendium of Kisan Call Centre Questions on Rice Get it on Google Play
3 RKMP E-Learning App With 20 e-courses for the benefit of Extension Professionals Get it on Google Play
4 Rice Innovations App Farmers Rice Innovations 2011 & 2015 Get it on Google Play
5 RKMP Extension Tools App More than 60 ready to use extension methods tool suit Get it on Google Play

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