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Weed Information System (Wisy)

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Weed Information System (Wisy):

In India, the losses caused by weeds exceed the losses from any other category of agricultural pests like insects, nematodes, diseases, rodents, etc. 

It is estimated that out of total annual loss of agricultural produce from various pests in India, weeds account for highest economic losses. The yield losses due to weeds in different systems of rice cultivation range from 15-90 %. In spite of this, there has been relatively less emphasis given on weed management in rice compared to disease/insect management. 

In this backdrop, effective weed management gains significance. Identifying different types of weeds in the field conditions is essential component of weed management. In an attempt to equip rice stakeholders with the details in respect of weeds that affect rice, WISY (Weed Information System) has been developed. 

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