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Rice is one of the largest agricultural export items from India. A decade ago, India used to export only Basmati rice. Non-Basmati rice has also become a major item for export, registering a steady upwards trend in recent years, but, in monetary terms, the basmati varieties bring in more foreign exchange than non-basmati varieties of rice. A tremendous demand for basmati rice in the international markets has seen the country's basmati rice exports increased from about USD 470 million in 2000-2001 to about USD 1900 million during 2008-09. In aggregate terms, though rice exports have increased in value terms, it has decreased in terms of proportion. India is facing stiff competition in the world market for export of rice. Thailand, the world class largest rice exporter captures almost 35.39 percent and Vietnam is the world's second largest supplier of rice as compared to 15.68 percent of India.

This brings forth one of the major cause of concern regarding the rice export that despite India being one of the largest producers of rice and exporting nearly two third of basmati rice , presence of Indian rice is meagre in the international market. Since rice constitutes a considerable share in the national exports in general and in agricultural exports in particular keeping in view the importance of rice in the export of the national items, efforts are required to be made to increase the export of rice for the development of the nation. There is a good scope for India to take advantage of the new trade opportunities for sustaining the export of rice. Rice trade and Market Information for Service Information System of Rice Knowledge Management Portal therefore highlight most of the pertinent marketing and trade related issues.

In order to leverage the production advantage of rice in India, there is a need to provide continuous updating of data on market information, market access, procedures etc, which can be utilized in the identification of the right product market mix essential to reflect these production advantages in the form of enhanced presence in the International market.

This trade portal will act as a readymade solution towards solving domestic marketing as well as international trade issues. It would be helpful to all the stakeholders i.e farmers, processors, exporters in India as well as importers in the foreign markets.

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