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RKMP policies

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RKMP User Policies

  • Administrator for the portal operates out of lead center and is responsible for all the activities of the portal.
  • Each zone will have a Moderator who is responsible to coordinate all the activities at his/her zone.
  • Two types of User’s i.e. Registered User and Unregistered User/Guest User.

Steps for User Registration

  • The user needs to submit his/her profile information as per the User guidelines/User Registration Forms provided to the user on clicking Register tab.
  • Once the form is submitted, it is directed to the moderator of the concerned zone for approval and once approved User can access portal and its features with requisite privileges.

User privileges


  • Super admin has control of entire activities of the portal.
  • Responsible for the monitoring at National and State levels.
  • Has privilege to Approve/Reject/Delete Users and assign tasks/upload content/edit content/communicate to the partners and coordinate activities.
  • Administrator has privileges for ALL required changes; necessary actions are predominantly facilitated by assigned personnel such as moderators.
  • Administrator will be located at Directorate of Rice Research.


  • Moderator is located at the State level or zonal level.
  • There will be many moderators who will coordinate the activities at respective State level.
  • Unlike Administrator, Moderator will have all the privileges like approve/delete Users, assign tasks, upload/edit content but limited to his/her State level only. These roles will be defined by administrator.
  • Once the moderator approves the user, he/she can have access to the content of the portal.
  • Moderator will define the role of the Users.

Registered User

  • User can view all the content of the portal. User privileges will be defined by moderator.
  • User can view and upload content. Content editing can be done for data uploaded by him/her only. He/ She cannot edit the content provided by other users.
  • Users cannot get the personal information of other users without permission.

Unregistered Users

  • This profile has limited access to the content of the portal. Access to all features will be provided upon registering.
  • User doesn’t have privilege to edit/upload/delete the content.
  • Users cannot get the personal information of other users.

Users for e-learning platforms


  • Each course will be assigned to a trainer.
  • The trainer is responsible to upload/edit content, upload figures and graphs related to that course only.
  • Trainer can access courses assigned to him/her only.


  • Trainees will be registered to all the courses.
  • They can only view the content/ download the content.

Content Upload Policy

  • Content can be uploaded only by the registered users.
  • Content in the portal is validated by experts and only accurate and reliable content will be placed in the portal.
  • All the users cannot upload the content.
  • In platforms such as e-learning only the moderators or the trainers can upload the content.
  • Opinions and views expressed in articles, write-ups sourced from web sites and content partners on schemes, policies, etc, are not DRR’s official views or opinions.
  • In India Rice Research Repository (i3R) application, content uploaded by Users is not validated; in such cases DRR (RKMP) can’t be held responsible for any discrepancy found there upon.
  • Applications such as EAR (Expert Answers on Rice) provide interactive communication for the queries posted by the users. This is purely opinion of the users. DRR is not liable for any discrepancy found there upon.
  • At each centre the moderator will collect the information and send it across to lead center, upon validation Content is finally uploaded to the portal.
  • Please note that all contributions to RKMP RIKIPEDIA may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors. If you do not want your writing to be edited, then do not submit it here. You are also promising us that you wrote this yourself, or copied it from a public domain or similar free resource.
  • Content provided will be scrutinized/validated by experts prior to placing it in the portal.
  • Content provider will be duly acknowledged in the portal. Details of the content provider such as photo, Qualification, designation etc. will be provided as per the defined norms.
  • Personal details will not be displayed or misused by any third person. This is just to motivate the content providers but not for commercial purpose.
  • Every chunk of content either text, video, photos, slides or articles part of RKMP will bear RKMP watermark to authenticate that the content belongs to RKMP.

Hyper linking Policy

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