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1. Rice and the global economy:  Designing rice   to     meet     social,     economic    and environmental challenge- Zeigler RS.


Genomic Resources: Status

 2. The  international   Oryza  map  alignment project: Development and analysis of a genus-wide comparative genomics platform to help solve the 9 billion people question - Wing RA, Chen M, Gao L, Han B, Henry R, Hsing   Y,   Kurata   N,   Oliveira,   Olivier   AC, Panaud O, Wang W, Brar D, Jackson S, Jena K, Long M, Machado C, Sanderson M and Ware D.

3. Transcriptome resources for function analysis and genetic enhancement of rice - Agarwal P, Parida S, Kothari KS, Sharma G, Baranwal V, Kapoor S and Tyagi A.

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