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Soil Information System (Fertimeter) is the platform of RKMP in which complete information about soils can be found. It consists of the following headings:

• Soil Resources and Extent of Fertility Related Stress

• District wise soil fertility status

• Soil Degradation and Related Production Constraints

• Fertilizers Consumption Scenario and Nutrient Demands

• Rice Soils and Related Constraints in Rice Production

• Nutrient Management for Sustainable Productivity and Growth

• References

We can calculate the requirement of the following by using the calculators

• Manure Dose

• Individual Fertilizer Need

• Biodegradability Index of the Compost

• Dung and their Nutrient Generator

• Nitrogen Generator from Organic Matter

• Vermi Manure Generator

Online soil health card can be generated by supplying the information related soil samples. It covers soil information across the districts of India.

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