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Extension Methods
  • Extension methods have been seen as viable factor of agricultural production in India and elsewhere. Whether a public or private sector extension system, it should work on viable extension strategies based on various parameters existing at grass root level.
  • The strategies will trickle down to what are known as extension methods /tools/ techniques which remain same for any kind of extension system.
  • Even though, there are efforts to document the extension methods and tools elsewhere, making these available through online or offline CD format has never been thought over. It is in this context, it is felt that a comprehensive database is created and made available in the most readable format.


Lecture method - Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of using Lecture Method
  • One need not heavily depend upon audio-visual aids and other gadgets for presentation. We may not even use any audiovisual aids and gadgets for a lecture.
  • Most economical one from cost point of view assuming


  • The lecture method is one of the most commonly used extension methods where the speaker is active and the audiences are passive.
  • Even though the effectiveness of the lecture method is often questioned because the passive role of the audience, i

Small group training

Small group training is a technique of imparting specific skills to a group of people who need them by creating an appropriate learning situation.
  • To impart the needed skills to a small group of people
  • To motivate the people adopt new practices through skill training

Farmers training centres

Earlier, Farmers Training Centres were a major feature of rural extension programmes in developing countries but they have recently fallen in popularity as it is often difficult for rural people to be leave from their farms and homes for a lengthy period. If they exist, they can be used to train people in the ideas and practices of agriculture, either as specific courses or as compo

Extension schools

  • Extension schools are designed to give participants knowledge and skill in some specific field of work
  • Extension schools normally involve intensive training over a short period of time (generally it is conducted in 1 to 4 days)
  • Extension schools can be located in any suitable rural training facility
  • Extension schools normally involve pre-enrolment procedures and an obligation to attend all the sessions
  • They offer an opportunity for the presentation of much
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