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Extension Domain

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The Extension domain will cater to the need of national agricultural extension system comprising of state departments of agriculture, university extension system, frontline extension system, private extension system and farmers’ organizations.

The Extension domain will consist of modules on Production Know How, State specific Package of Practices, Diagnostic tools for diseases, pests, Expert Answers on Rice (EAR), Government Schemes, FAQs, Frontline demonstrations, Audio & Video galleries, In vogue basic extension tools and techniques, Concept Maps, Spot nearest Research station/Extension office/Dealer, Weed management, Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITKs), Farmers innovation, RiceVocs, Recap Sheets, Digital Photo Library, E-Books/E-Manuals, Protection concerns of the month, Fertimeter and Weed Information System.

Production Know How
Package of Practices
Concept Maps
Government Schemes
Spot NearestReasearch/
Extension Office/Dealer

Diagnostic Tools
Weed Management
Frontline Demonstrations
Weed Information System (WISY)
Farmers Innovation
Indigenouse Technical Knowledge(ITK)
Rice Vocs
Expert Answers on Rice (EAR)
Recap Sheets
Extension Methods
Digital Photo Library
State wise Contingency Plans
Protection Concerns of the Month
Audio Gallery
Video Gallery
STRVs RKMP on Youtube

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