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Expert Answers on Rice (EAR)

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The acronym of EAR is Expert Answers on Rice. The Experts on Rice will provide Answers to the questions posed by different users/clients/stakeholders by using the three tier structure.

The components of three tier structure are:

· Web-based Question and Answer Forum

· SMS based alerts

· Web based Questions answered through SMS

1. Web-based Question and Answer Forum:

The system will comprise of Administrator, Moderator, Experts and Users. The administrator will create the entire database and maintenance will be done. The Moderator manages the system database, filtering the questions based on the discipline and location specificity, identifying the expert, posting the question to the expert. The answer from the expert would be displayed to all but the feedback and comments can be made only by the registered users. The experts will be provided with a User Id and password generated by the Moderator. They can login and reply to the questions posted to them. The Experts will be categorised based on discipline and location. The user-expert relation is direct and not mediated by the moderator. User can be anyone who is registered to make use of the platform for posing the questions.

2. SMS based alerts:

The SMS based alerts are of two types:

a) Voice based alerts

b) Text based alerts

The Voice based alerts will be pre-recorded messages from the experts and delivered depending on the time of requirement. This message will be broadcasted to all the users on their mobiles as a voice over. If the user does not receive the call or misses the call, the same message will be delivered as text based alert.

   The alerts will be based on the categories such as:

· Event based – Time of Sowing, Pests, Diseases, and Irrigation etc

· Periodic – Depending on the seasons as Kharif, rabi and summer

· Emergency / Contingency – Droughts, Floods, Pest outbreak etc

3. Web based Questions answered through SMS

The user can post the question online on the web and can get the answer through SMS on the mobile. Depending on the user preferences, there will be an option on the web page allowing the user to get the answer through SMS.
The expert will login and answer the question which will be delivered directly to the user on the mobile through SMS.

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