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Data Repository

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Welcome to the Data Repository of RKMP!

RKMP believes in the data-information and knowledge transformation continuum. We bring to you a huge database of about 27000 datasets related to AICRIP multi-location trials conducted for last 45 years across the country.

With effective tagging based on disciplines, year, season in searchable pdf format, the RKMP is catering to data requirements of rice researchers of the country.

The Directorate of Rice Research continues its multi-location All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Programmme (AICRIP) with active partnership of 47 funded cooperating centers affiliated to State Agricultural Universities (SAUs), State Department of Agriculture and other Research Institutes of ICAR. Besides, over 50 voluntary centers participate in this multi-location testing program. AICRIP with its 45 years of useful existence has contributed significantly in overall rice production front which has ensured food security for the country.

It is the data about these lines and their performance that can make a difference, if used and reused effectively.

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