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The Process of Making RKMP

Knowledge Management in agriculture is relatively a new concept.  The mammoth task of driving the knowledge sharing process in agriculture requires lot of efforts at various hierarchical levels among agricultural organizations. 

In India, there is an urgent and strong need to adapt the KM strategies in agriculture.  In line with RKMP, there is a need to upscale KM initiatives in agriculture.

But before that, relevant human resources, tools, processes, strategies should be in place to transform agricultural organizations into “learning organizations”.  We are of the opinion that frameworks and success stories of KM worldwide need to be analyzed to prepare a road map for “KM in Agriculture”.

As a part of this vision, we wish to share the process that is involved in “Making of RKMP”.  If you are planning to work on agricultural semantic portals in future, please write to us for AKM (Agricultural Knowledge Management) tools, processes and strategies.


About Dr. Shaik N Meera

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Overview of research and extension contributions of Dr. Shaik N.Meera



Dr Shaik N Meera is a Senior Scientist (Agricultural Extension) with a cafeteria of skill sets and achievements in Agricultural Research & Development. He is one of the earliest extension scientists who contributed to the development of ICT enabled extension in India.


As Consortium Principal Investigator, he is spearheading a flagship project on “Development and Maintenance of Rice Knowledge Management Portal (RKMP)”.  This is the first extension centric information portal in India, providing the most comprehensive agricultural knowledge directly from the scientific community. Rice Knowledge Management Portal was launched in the presence of Honorable Prime Minister of India on 16th July 2011.


As a Principal Investigator of DBT Sponsored project on “Improving the Livelihoods of SC/ST Farmers through Rice Technology Interventions”, he is instrumental in uplifting 120 tribal farm families directly. Intensive extension efforts were tried in 12 tribal hamlets over a period of 3 years to achieve this.


As National Coordinator of Frontline Demonstrations on Rice, in last 5 years, about 5322 FLDs of 1 hectare each have been conducted benefitting 13,755 rice farmers directly. About 2064 tonnes of seed of HYV, Hybrids is distributed to farmers through this programme.  An innovative attempt has been made to document all the demonstration efforts using the latest ICT tools and compiled as a database. This database is included in the rice knowledge management portal ( for effective use by the extension workers. 


As Coordinator of training programmes, in last five years, totally 19 training programs on various aspects of rice production technologies were organized including  IPM in rice, Quality control on basmati rice, Marker assisted selection in rice, Hybrid rice breeding, Hybrid rice production technology, System of Rice Intensification and Hybrid rice seed production technology. In total 417 participants from state department of agriculture, state agricultural universities, ICAR institutes and executives from public and private sectors were trained.


As a young scientist he carried out the research on various aspects of harnessing ICTs in agricultural development with special reference to the ICTs enabled agricultural extension.  His work on Applications of E-Learning in Agriculture: Designing an ODL Content Management System for Rice Technologies is perhaps the only empirical study conducted on assessing the e-readiness parameters in extension systems. 


As Principal Investigator of several extension research projects, involved in developing and using innovative approaches for transfer of technology and extension education processes.  Some of the innovations include

 use of Information and Communication Technologies for speedy transfer of knowledge & technologies

 Harnessing Knowledge Management strategies for strengthening the information flow in rice sector

 Village Level Studies on Climate change: Vulnerability, Adaptations and Sustainable Livelihoods in Rice Farming

  Developing e-learning courses for online and offline delivery to extension officers

  Participatory varietal selection and Farmers’ First Approach

 Video and Audio files for transferring ‘do how’ technologies

  Capturing the innovative spirit of rice farmers by organizing ‘Innovative Rice Farmers Meet’


*  As author of several research articles, books, extension bulletins and manuals, contributed to enrichment of the extension discipline.  His book “ICTs in Extension- Tactical to Practical” is recognized as Reference book by ICAR for the Discipline of Agricultural Extension (M.Sc/ Ph.D syllabus).

*   As field researcher, he has done extensive surveys on Critical Analysis of Information Communication Technology in Agricultural Development” during the past ten years. His Agriculture Research Extension Network (AgREN) paper of Department Fund for International Development (DFID) of UK is high quality evidence and is in the top 200 ICT4D resources online. 

*    With exemplary academics, he was the topper of the National level Agricultural Research Service for the Recruitment of Scientists, conducted by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), during the year 2001.  He is the recipient of VN Gold Medal, Young Scientist Awards for his doctoral work, Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) of ICAR for Ph.D. programme (1999-2002), Junior Research fellowship (JRF) of ICAR for M.Sc programme (1997-99), Telugu Vigyana Paarithoshikam, a merit scholarship of Government of Andhra Pradesh, India for 1990. 

*   He has visited United States of America, Philippines and Sri Lanka

Skill Sets

* In depth know-how and do-how of applications of advance extension methodologies

* Proven abilities in planning and executing ICT mediated KM projects in agriculture

* Developing and maintaining semantic agricultural portals (especially in rice farming)

*  Effectively harnessing innovative extension approaches with visible impacts

*  Developing Knowledge Systems for effective Knowledge Encapsulation and Service Integration for web and mobile apps

*  Technology refinement, commercialization and targeting strategies

*    Planning and executing large scale extension programmes

*    Innovative applications of Knowledge Management strategies in agriculture

*  Handling consortia with extension centric methodologies

*   Well versed with web 2.0 and web 3.0 tools

General Profile
Name and designation
Shaik N. Meera
Senior Scientist (Agricultural Extension)

Date and place of birth

8 April 1974
Nandigama (Andhra Pradesh -India)

Marital status


Postal and telecommunication address

Transfer of Technology and Training Section
Directorate of Rice Research
Hyderabad 500 030. India

Telephone, email, Fax, etc.

Tel (O): 040-24591295
Fax (O): 040-24591217
Mobile: +91-9000680909


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